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This is the information hub for public radio stations with institutional licensees. There are seven areas of focus. With the help of stations nationwide, the University Station Alliance (USA) has gathered a variety of articles from stations and from experts inside and outside the public radio and TV system.

To make it easier to find the ever-growing list of documents, we have constructed this page reflecting the departments one would find at a typical public radio station:
Governance, University Relations, Administration, Marketing/Development, Programming , Engineering and USA Webinars, Surveys, & Other Business. We hope you find the USA to be a valuable resource. To help expand the offerings here, please contact Craig Beeby if you have developed materials you think would be helpful to colleagues.

The majority of the funding for the USA comes from stations that are a part of the public radio system. The Resource Repository is one of the tangible byproducts of that financial support. Stations have also provided intellectual support, as many of the documents are submissions that have been developed by managers who wish to share them with colleagues. We thank you for helping make the USA possible.


University Relations/Internal Marketing

University Tenets of Public Radio Station Ownership & Operation - Craig Beeby, USA April 2008

Faculty and Citizen Statements of Support:

Baylor Faculty Resolution/Presidential Endorsement, Larry Brumley, KWBU-FM

Faculty Support Statement, Jim Sigler, KUMR-FM


Citizens’ Support Statement, Jim Sigler, KUMR-FM

University Administrator and Professional Observations:

Questions and Answers about Public Radio with University of West Florida President John C. Cavanaugh

Higher Education: Public Good… Dr. Constantine Curris, AASCU

Improving Relationships with University Licensees, Dr. John Keiser, SMSU

Public Radio and University Relations, Dr. John Perry, KSU

Station's Importance to University, Kevin Klose, President, NPR

Valuing WUMB’s Folk Festival, Dr. Jo Ann M. Gora, UMB

Quantifying Worth and Communications Vehicles:

Quantitative Worth Worksheet - Determine Public Service & Public Relations Values - USA Jan 2009

University Licensee Cash Support Survey Results - Craig Beeby, USA May 2008

NEW: HLC Self-Study for SMSU Broadcast Services (KMSU-FM)

Accomplishments Statement, Patty Cahill, KCUR-FM


Bringing Campus to Community (Monthly Mailer), Dave Edwards, WUWM-FM


Comparative Audience & University Events Graph, Tammy Wiley, KSMU-FM


Cost-Benefit Analysis, Paul Krause, WCAL-FM


Five College Report, WFCR Radio


Gauging Your Attitude Toward your Licensee, Linda Carr, University Station Alliance


Justification for Funding, Pat Monteith, WUMB-FM


Point of Pride: Positioning through Research Data, Craig Oliver


Why UMass Amherst Should support WFCR, Martin Miller, WFCR-FM


KNAU’s Involvement in NAU’s Strategic Plan, John Stark, KNAU-FM


Strengthening Your Station/University Relationship, John Stark, KNAU-FM


Syllabus: Course Involving Students at Station, Martin Miller, WFCR-FM


PowerPoint: Demonstrating KOSU’s Value: Craig Beeby, KOSU-FM


PowerPoint: Effective Public – Private Partnership: John Stark, KNAU-FM


PowerPoint: The Power of Public Radio Jackie Nixon, NPR Audience Research

Op-Ed Pieces - Internal Marketing

Approach: Avoidance or Not, Linda Carr, University Station Alliance

Axioms to Live By, Linda Carr, University Station Alliance

Care and Feeding of Institutional Licensees, Linda Carr, University Station Alliance

Corporate Citizen: Campus Citizen, Linda Carr, University Station Alliance

Licensees: Friends or Foe, Linda Carr, University Station Alliance

Managing a Budget Cut, Pat Monteith, WUMB-FM


Op-Ed Pieces - Public Radio in the Year 2020:


Joe Gwathmey, Texas Public Radio


Ron Kramer, Jefferson Public Radio


Wayne Roth, KUOW-FM


Ellen Rocco, North Country Public Radio


Roger Sarow, WFAE-FM


Emergency Preparedness Plan, William Marcus, Montana Public Radio

Public File Inspection Checklist, Meg Miller, Dow, Lohnes & Albertson

Team Staff Employee Handbook, WFCR-FM


The Troubling Employee in the Public Media Workplace - Craig Beeby USA Aug 2009

Management Etiquette - Serious Offenses - Craig Beeby USA Apr 2009

Managing Stress During Economic Challenges - Craig Beeby USA Feb 2009

Who Do You Let Go When a Layoff Is Necessary? - Craig Beeby USA Jan 2009

Job Description Samples, Richard Towne KUNM-FM

Organizational Chart, Richard Towne KUNM-FM

Job Description Samples, Roger Duvall, WUAL-FM,

Nomination for Campus Award, Patty Cahill, KCUR-FM

Organizational Chart, Patty Cahill, KCUR-FM

Teamwork Agreements, Martin Neeb, KPLU-FM

Strategic Planning and Values Statements:

Mission Statement, Lance Linares, Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

Mission Statement, Craig Beeby, KOSU-FM

Mission Statement, Martin Neeb, KPLU-FM

Credo, Lance Linares, Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

Values Statement, Lance Linares, Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

Principles and Values, Martin Neeb, KPLU-FM

Strategic Plan, Patty Cahill, KCUR-FM

Marketing and Development

Fundraising and Development (general):

WSHU Development Policy Statement, George Lombardi, WSHU-FM

WSHU Fundraising Activities within the University, George Lombardi, WSHU-FM




Newsletter: Current/Prospective Donors/Underwriters, Dave Edwards, WUWM-FM


Annual Report, Martin Miller, WFCR-FM


eNewsletter Editorial Planning Worksheet, DEI (Development Exchange)

On-Air Fundraising:

NPR Fundraising Support, Kitty Eisele, NPR

The Non-Pledge Campaign, Dave Edwards, WUWM-FM

Major Giving:

Major Donor Group Model: Charter Society, Jim Sigler, KUMR-FM


Underwriting Commissions Primer, J.C. Patrick, National Public Radio

Underwriting for Competing Institutions, Responses from USA ListServ



NEH Proposal, Martin Miller, WFCR-FM

RLAIF Proposal, John Stark, KNAU-FM


Planned Giving:

Bequest Brochure Template, DEI (Development Exchange

Capital Campaign:

WFCR Capital Campaign, Martin Miller, WFCR-FM


Social Media Policies/Guidelines - .doc Example - March 2011

Editorial Integrity Statement, Patty Cahill, KCUR-FM

Editorial Integrity Statement, Martin Neeb, KPLU-FM


NEW: Editorial Integrity Statement, Regina Dean, WUOT-FM


Editorial Integrity Statement, JoAnn Urofsky, WUSF-FM


Features about your Licensee, Responses from the USA ListServ


Fundraising Scripts for University Chancellor, Pat Monteith, WUMB-FM


Fundraising Scripts for University President, JoAnnUrofsky, WUSF-FM


KNAU/KUYI Program Agreement, John Stark, KNAU-FM


Localism Commitment and Steps, John Stark, KNAU-FM


Programming Decision-Making Process, Greg Schnirring, Wisconsin Public Radio


Programming Change Justification, Patty Cahill, KCUR-FM


UMass Boston Affiliation and Image Credits, Pat Monteith, WUMB-FM


University Affiliation Identifiers, Responses from the USA ListServ


Involvement by Station Engineering with Campus IT Staff, Grady Moates, WUMB-FM

New Facility Planning, Don Mullally, WILL


Op-Ed Piece: Engineering “Stuff” for “Manager Types, Doug Vernier, Consultant to CPB

WFCR - Discussing Building Size, WFCR-FM


WFCR - Studio Design Consultants, WFCR-FM


WFCR - Preliminary Program, WFCR-FM


WFCR - Program Revised by the University, WFCR-FM


USA Webinars, Surveys & Other Business






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