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Established in 2001 as a national not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) support resource for University-Licensed* public media stations. *Note: University is a generic title that includes colleges, school systems, and state agencies.

Training managers, building strategic alliances, sharing resources, guarding editorial integrity, benchmarking performance, reviewing governance - these are some of the University Station Alliance (USA) initiatives. This site provides public radio & TV stations with resources, tools, and a wealth of information to help solve problems and improve operations.

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USA Video Storehouse - Current and Past Leadership Academy Training Videos and Unconferences

2016 USA Madison Hodges Innovator Award for Public Media Advancement - Michelle Srbinovich Honored

USA Benefits & Reasons to Join

USA Enrichment Continues 2016 (Annual Report) January 5, 2017

2015 USA Madison Hodges Innovator Award for Public Media Advancement - Winner Randy Wright November 18, 2015

Results Narrative - USA Survey on Leadership Transition - May 2015

Results Graph - USA Survey on Leadership Transition - May 2015

USA Board Recommendations - NPR Guidelines For When There's News Involving A Station's Licensee - April 2015

USA Comments FCC MB Docket 07-294 Diversification of Media Ownership & MB Docket 10-234 Amendment of Part 1 - March 2015

USA FY 2014 Annual Report - January 2015

First Annual USA Madison Hodges Innovator Award for Public Media Advancement Presented November 19, 2014 - December 2014

2014 Economy Impact Survey Narrative Comparison with 2013 - August 2014

2014 Economic Impact Survey Results - Graph - August 2014

Broadcasting Live Sporting Events Survey Results - March 2014

Beeby - 40th Anniversary in Broadcasting - February 2014

USA FY 2013 Annual Report - January 2014

USA Board Endorses Public Media Code of Integrity - September 2013

Organizational Integrity Assessment Tool - April 2013

Assessment Tool - The USA Peer Review - February 2013

To Whom Should a Station Report Within a University Structure?

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